OGC Map feeds from Trap.NZ

Map feeds are now available for traps and bait stations directly from Trap.NZ using OGC map requests.

The main endpoint URL for WFS layers is:
https://trap.nz/wms/features/[your project id]

This will respond to GetCapabilities requests from ArcGIS, Quantum, etc.
The project ID is the node number that you can get from the URL after selecting the project in Trap.NZ. HTTP Basic Auth is used and you need to log in with the credentials of a user who has access to the project data with a read-only, editor, or admin role.

Four layers are available at the moment (the project polygon, and trap/bait station points, and trap records). Formats available are CSV, GML, GeoJSON, KML, and Shapefile. We will be adding more layers in soon.

These features are intended for those familiar with GIS systems. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for information to include in the map feeds.


To load a network feed of trap locations directly into Google Earth you can use the URL:

https://trap.nz/wms/features/[your project id]?service=WFS&version=1.0.0&request=GetFeature&typeName=trap:all_traps&outputFormat=application%2Fvnd.google-earth.kml%2Bxml

(replace [your project id] with your project number)

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See this post if Adding Layers to Arc Desktop

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