Using QGIS with Trap.NZ - Part 3 Connecting QGIS to


This is the final in 3 parts. This guide assumes you have been following along and have installed QGIS and added a basemap.
In here, I will connect QGIS to Trap NZ and start plotting some data onto the map.
I also create a heatmap showing the hot spots where a lot of catches have been made, but hit a wall when it comes to filtering this catch data.
If anybody can figure out how to do this, then do chip in - I may arrive at the solution myself in due course, at which point I will update the document or write another one.


You’re a legend David! There are a few others keen on on the map feeds so we’ll have a look at what we can do with regard to filtering.


Thank you @root, I’m learning the ways of GIS and this is my only use case at the moment so I’m prepared to accept my spells and incantations to make it do what I want are somewhat unrefined. I’m hoping that other people will be able to collaborate when I get stuck.