2021-11-30 Trap.NZ Changelog

Website changes

  • Performance improvements
  • Ability to add multiple baits per trap record
  • Ability to set bait types per project
  • Ability to record a species detected with a bait station record
  • Points of Interest feature added
  • CSV importers and exporters include more fields and use consistent column names
  • Help text added to installation CSV importers
  • Added support for NZTM Easting and Northing coordinate system
  • Bug fixes and enhancements on several reports
  • New member signup sheet added to member management section
  • Membership role name changes (see previous announcement)
  • Organisation membership for grouping and managing memberships across multiple projects
  • Simplified join project url
  • Monthly Catch Totals report is a multi-project report, which defaults to displaying all projects data on load.

App changes

  • Version 4.1.5 released to open beta, with a live release coming soon. It addresses the following issues:
    • Failed record entries crashing the app when a ‘retry’ is attempted
    • Installations disappear from the map occasionally (happens when installations are spidered, one has a record saved, and the spidering is closed before the API responds)
  • Version 5 with new proximity line-walking feature into closed testing
  • Significant speed improvements when downloading traps into app