2022-01-31 Trap.NZ Changelog

Website changes

  • Updated password change to indicate if your password meets higher NZISM (GCSB’s Information Security Manual) standards.
  • The minimum password length is now 10 characters - this applies only when changing your password or new sign-ups.
  • Pre-authenticated users (users who have not confirmed their accounts using the emailed link) can no longer be assigned to projects. Their role will also be marked as pre-authenticated in the projects’ member list.
  • The image upload fields now have their ‘accept’ attribute filtered to only allow accepted image formats - png, jpg etc. This will mean that when uploading images via the website, the dialog box will filter to only show images.
  • Added locations (in Lat/Long and NZTM) to CSV exports for all reports with maps.
  • Fixed project tag filters on various reports.
  • Updated trap record map feed to include trap IDs.
  • Added functions to allow project administrators to enable or disable unused features (traps, bait stations, monitoring, etc).

App changes

  • Major fix to the app that stops the spinning wheel of doom, release 4.1.13.