2022-03-31 Trap.NZ Changelog

Website changes:

  • Added Lines import
  • Import date formats standardised to yyyy-mm-dd (e.g 2022-03-31)
  • Fixed issue with times being 13 hours out when importing trap and bait station records
  • Image upload fields on website now configured to supported image mimetypes to make image selection easier
  • Login / Logout menu options now appear again when viewing website on mobile
  • Monitoring station labels changed to white with black borders instead of previous black text. To improve visibility on maps
  • Improved performance of the Add Catches page
  • CSV downloads added to all reports
  • Added extra fields to some CSV downloads
  • Added Retired filter to Monthly Catch Totals report
  • Fixed bird count auto totals
  • Trapper role filter works on member management
  • Retire option added to Bait Station and Monitoring management
  • Improved performance of Trap Condition report
  • Added formulation field to bait station records map feed