2022-04-30 Trap.NZ Changelog

Website changes

  • Points of Interest bulk import option added
  • New Contact page with contextual help and automated information collection
  • Project page catch stats now show the top 5 species caught in that project

App changes

  • Major Release version 5 was soft launched on the 26th April.
    This release includes:
    • Proximity based line servicing (Walk the Line features.)
    • Manual line servicing (apply default service records for each installation with one click.)
    • Points of Interest - project defined types, points, lines, or polygons (i.e. signage, no-go zones, public land, or what have you.)
    • Exportable logs, record recovery, and failure detection and notification.
    • Trapper settings backed up server side (automatic recovery, settings shared across devices.) Please forward error logs to support@trap.nz.
    • Many bug fixes and core reliability improvements.
    • Help section in progress