2022-05-31 Trap.NZ Changelog

Website changes

  • Usernames and email addresses are now case-insensitive
  • Members who leave a project are automatically unassigned from installations and notifications for that project
  • Project “Top 5 species” option now available under “Extra” in edit project settings
  • Tags filters have been added to most reports
  • Same Date and Duplicate trap record report improved
  • Monitoring Camera image records can now be imported from CSV
  • Help text has been improved on all CSV importers
  • Fixed a bug preventing CSV imports using Easting and Northing coordinates
  • Fixed Trap Condition report that was broken for non-Admins
  • Fixed multi-project monitoring records report
  • Project record reports, including track logs, now available. Track logs include start and end date/time
  • Trap records with map report optimised (was timing out for some larger projects)
  • Points of Interest point colour fixed
  • Points of Interest now display on project home map
  • Fixed bug causing intermittent slow page loads
  • Points of Interest can now be moved between projects
  • When editing and deleting records via the management record screens you will now be taken back to this screen after saving / deleting instead of the homepage
  • “Add catches” page will now prompt you to save if you try and change pages after making changes
  • All species on the species list are available on all relevant reports

App changes

  • Patch Release v5.0.3
    • Deeplinks enabled for add record
    • Usability tweaks
    • Fixes:
      • Enable slider tap
      • LineWalk date fix
      • Line Record end date