2023-10-31 - Monthly changelog announcement

Trap.NZ Design Tool Changes

API v0.21.0 (October 31st)

  • Property parcels available selection includes those that intersect the project boundary (not just those that fully encompass)

v0.7.3 (October 30th)

  • No longer requiring active project AND org access to access the design tool, now either/or. Also allowing org members access as they have a high degree of rights as of now in the legacy site.

v0.7.2 (October 30th)

  • Developed a generic tooltip solution, the first utilisation on Trapping Summary Report.
  • Move Trapping Summary Report under Trap section of new UI report menu.

v0.7.1 (October 25th)

  • Provide wider support for publishing of more complex GeoJSON to the map, and have applied this to the POIs, Project, and Line layers. Context: We’ve had multiple big projects now not be able to access the Design tool due to us throwing errors on exotic geometries.

  • Fix selection of auto filled markers following parcel conversion

    • on parcel conversion move selection to area so that users can immediately autofill and be able to select the preview markers
    • don’t open area form after multiple parcel conversion, only on single

v0.7.0 (October 19th)

  • Lines shape support for Geometry collection with points AND lineStrings (not just lineStrings)

  • Validation of install type against line type on Add Line, Autofill Line, and Add Marker forms.

  • In order to mitigate generation of large installation payloads, break up and sequence bulk installation creation into batches

    • Display status bars for overall install, and each type of install
    • Progressively (batch by batch) bulk update marker status to installed
  • API Retries now enabled globally

v0.6.0 (October 11th)

  • Partial cache updates (no full refresh required) on creation of Traps, Bait Stations, or Monitoring Stations

  • Design to top menu, and close/cancel colour change

    • Menu now supports top level links
    • Moved design tool link to top level
    • Cancel button colour now charcoal grey
  • Marker form flow control fixes

  • Consistent installation type validation across main forms through use of shared component

  • Installed status removed from deployment markers display filters

  • Installed deployment markers removed from map display (in favour of actual installation markers)

  • Main select component (used on multiple forms) now looks for empty/none values and sorts them to the top of the list

  • Add Marker Form changes

    • Cancel button now says Close on form state unmodified
    • Deployment status changes now update multiple marker state (previously old marker state remained persisted on the map)
    • Convert to installation only on approved state
    • Stopped form resetting itself on update
    • Saving form no longer closes form
    • Installed status removed from status dropdown (installed status can only be reached through the convert to installation process)
    • Line Assignment now has look ahead search

v0.5.0 (October 5th)

  • Updated approvals validation: removed requirement for signature, phone number, or email
  • Updated area-approval report to cope with validation changes to approvals
  • Changed line and area forms layout for improved ease of use. (expanded sections follow create/edit forms, instead of being intermingled)
  • Moved layer switcher so it doesn’t clash with the map toolbar
  • Added design related reports to the toolbar menu
  • Bulk conversion of installations working
  • Required field styles, including removing -none- value from install models, install types, and Lines in favour of blank so that default invalid/required field behaviour will function
  • Added client side image compression for signatures
  • Fix: If ‘Select Menu’ doesn’t match any items, design tool will crash
  • Fix: If an area is selected in the url then deployments disappear on selection (applied to lines and markers also)
  • Fix: If the area edit form is auto opened via the url query string, then closing it should remove it from the url (applied the same fix to lines and markers also)
  • Removed meaningless text from none option for install type and install model