3 things - memory leak, current position on Ap, new trap type


The Ap is great, but it seems to have a memory leak - it crashes my phone periodically. I’ve been programming since 1974 - if I can help, let me know.

Would be great to have a button to show current position when on a trap line.

I use Holdem Live - Ferret and Stoat plastic tilt traps - is there a process to add new trap types.

I’m also somewhat creative at making my own traps - so being able to create my own trap types would be good.

If you have GPS enabled on your phone it will show your current location on the trap line map.

Hi there. Thanks for this - the app is going to be redeveloped (it is getting a bit dated now) so hopefully that will also address any issues with memory leaks, etc.

We are also looking at mechanisms for project admins to be able to add their own trap and bait types.

not normally.
I have GPS enabled, and in a week of use 2 hours a day, I have seen a location symbol flash on the screen only twice, and only for about 1 second each time.
Something aint working.

I was using Handy GPS to generate kml files previously (and reliably for 3 years), and it worked just fine, showing me exactly where I was, and giving accurate positions.

Many aspects of Trap.nz are great, but telling me where I am isn’t one of them.

Thanks, that will help.

Probably part of the issue is that we are trapping mice, and traps are only 10 - 15 m apart - currently 75, about to go to 140 in a 2 Ha site. Have to zoom in closely to get the traps to separate enough on screen to be able to select the right one.