5 Min Bird Count Reporting

Is there a way to download all the 5 mins bird count data so I can track each species? I can;t seem to find the report.

Kia ora,

At the moment the only bird count report we have is the Bird Count Records report, which shows a map and a table of the total call count and species count for each Bird Count Monitoring Station.

Perhaps what you’re wanting is a report that lists individual species counts at each station? Or individual species count for each record at each station over time? I can pass on your request to the dev team once we understand what you’re looking for.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Hi there,

I am also interested in generating reports with information on the different bird species.


Kia ora,

We are working on adding a report that bird count data by species. Will post here when it’s live!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Hi Sarah,

Has there been any progress on bird count species reporting? I have been entering bird count records across an entire region with the aim of getting a bird biodivesity map for the region. Phil

Kia ora Philip,

Possibly not quite what you’re after but we have the following in a template form, just add your project id’s and embed it in a site:


Let me know if that is of interest.


Hi Andy, looks pretty interesting. Can you share more information on how you set it up?


I also want to download Bird Count data. It appears that the csv download only provides minimal data (total birds and environmental conditions) but I would also like to be able to download the counts for each species (both seen and heard). I know that could result in a csv with many columns, but once in csv form I can easily filter out what I don’t need. I’m reluctant to encourage people to enter BC data into the app if I can’t then get it out and analyse it.

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