5- Minute Bird Count Data Analysis Needed

Have started uploading bird count reports to TrapNZ and was hoping to get data analysis similar to catch records - but have found this is not the case - maybe due to the large number of species for inputs - but this should be possible. Just wondering if this is being considered? Otherwise we may have to look elsewhere for a place to input and analyse 5-minute bird count data.

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I have been collecting this info for over a year and tried to report it but cannot work out how. Help

Hi there. It is quite a process to enter the bird count results. Firstly you need to add your bird count station or stations to TrapNZ. Then you need to import your bird count records. To do this go to Monitoring, then Import then read the instructions. You then need to download the template or adding the records. I don’t think you can add records individually like rat catches. The template is a CSV file which doesn’t like being changed, so I then save it as an XLS file and work with that until it’s ready for uploading and then save it as a CSV file when ready for final uploading. Also, you won’t need all the species listed, so I delete those columns not needed. Before you finally upload it right click on the unopened file and open with text edit to check there is nothing in the row under the last record (eg. extraneous commas) and if there are delete them or it won’t work. Then go to Monitoring, Import Records and scroll down to the bottom and choose the file and upload. It is very important to have all the data as specified in the instructions on the Import bird count records page. Hope this helps. I am still learning how to do this too, so still have problems with it at times.

Thanks - I have the app all set up to record the bird counts but I can’t find a way to report them by species or even export a file with all the data.

You’re welcome. I don’t attempt to record them from my phone. All our results are recorded by hand on site and then on an Excel spreadsheet - then I do everything from my computer. I’m not sure if they can be entered from an app - you will need to ask the TrapNZ Help & Support or email them.

@Motucare, it’s a valid observation and we will certainly take a look at the lack of reporting for bird counts.

I’ll send you details of the how to get one of these Trap.nz maps:

Note the app literally takes 5 minutes to perform the bird count and another 3 seconds to press the save button. We do a lot of them and there is no way I would go back to paper recording. It’s a personal thing though and if you don’t find apps easy and you have the time to do it via the website then fair play. You can also add historical records via the app which is probably a faster and easier way to enter them than using the website (i.e. record on paper, then add them later via the app.)

Worth watching the help video if you’ve not seen that:

Thanks, Andy. That is very helpful! Thanks for the video. I have just re-downloaded the TrapNZ app and have worked out how to add bird count data via the app. However, at present my phone screen doesn’t respond very well – but when I have changed to a new phone will try it out properly.

Most of our trappers/bird counters have been resistant to recording their own results, which is why only a few of us enter records.

We have about 10 regular bird counters and 3.5 years of bird count historical data to add – will give the app a go and see which is easiest for that – the app or uploading.

I don’t see information about this readily on your website? Maybe I didn’t look in the right place?

Kia ora,

At the moment the only bird count report we have is the Bird Count Records report, which shows a map and a table of the total call count and species count for each Bird Count Monitoring Station.

Perhaps what you’re wanting is a report that lists individual species counts at each station? Or individual species count for each record at each station over time? I can pass on your request to the dev team once we understand what you’re looking for.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Kia ora,

We are working on adding a report that bird count data by species. Will post here when it’s live!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Thanks, Sarah. We definitely want to see what is happening with species counts over time - for both individual stations and overall as a project - particularly with the NZ forest bird and sea bird species - which our predator control and restoration work aims to increase in number. What the app provides is a good start (groups bird count sites together and provides an average for the group) One problem I have encountered when attempting analysis is that counter numbers have decreased with time and some counters are erratic - so some form of average per number of counters is needed to make a valid analysis. Otherwise some counters/stations need to be excluded. I was hoping to be able to see a table of date versus species, with numbers counted (or average numbers counted) as the data in the table. To do this we would need to be able to filter out unwanted species as there are so many for bird counts. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and want to thank you all for working on this.

Kind regards
Jan Diprose
Chair Herald Island Environmental Group


Just wondering if the report by bird count by species was added or has gone live yet (from July 21 comment by Sarah-r).

If not, is there a simple way to extract the raw data (we can then write a report ourselves). As others have mentioned the csv extract only shows totals of the count no species information.

Thanks so much

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