A new release of the Trap.NZ app is available

A new release of the Trap.NZ app is now available from the app stores

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For those of you that may not be aware, the app features and functions include:

  • Automatic synchronisation. Works without an internet connection and automatically synchronises when internet connectivity returns (Optional)
  • Monitoring functions (plotting of chew cards, tracking tunnels, etc, and adding records in the field)
  • 5 Minute Bird Counts
  • Real-time status of installations (indicators show you when traps or stations were last serviced)
  • User-defined maintenance schedule.
  • Additional offline maps: aerials, street maps, and parcel boundaries.
  • Daily logs and synchronisation status.
  • Improved GPS tracking including background tracking and optional auto centring.

This version (2.9.6) has a number of bug fixes, performance improvements and added features including:

  • The ability to upload images to trap and station records
  • Track logging function
  • Black on white data entry forms for better visibility in the sunlight