A24 Chirp setup for community projects

Hi All,

New here, but have been trapping for a few years in the community with counter based A24’s. My local community has just recieved some chirp based A24’s and we are trying to work out the best way to set them up for community trapping.

I have been using 2 chirps with a generic app login thats recorded in the cmmunity data (if I have a horrible accident tomorrow, others should still be able to access and maintan them) however I’m not confidant that this is the best way.

Do chirps act like BTLE tracking smart tags (eg apple tag) in that is anyone with the GN app open and passing will pickup the data then it gets fed back to the community account? Or will only a phone with the matched login be able to record that data?

My dream situation would be for anyone with the app (logged in or not) could walk past and it would relay the data to GN, who could then add it to the community traps.nz counts, but thats probably not ever going to be possible.

Thanks in advance, appreciate your thoughts and guidence.

Steve, Ranui Porirua.


We have set up our firsst wave of SmartCaps (formerly known as Chirps) under a generic account, we have tested that we can have 2 users looged into the app using the saem account, and both can get the data from the smart caps.
We have also set up a project at https://dashboard.goodnature.co.nz/ , and “transferred” (shared their data) our traps into that project. I have invited my personal account and was able to transfer my trap into the project now as well so its all visibile and data can be agregated.
Last step will be to download the data from that dash to be able to upload it into traps.nz.