A24 lure issues

I’ve been concerned for sometime that when inserting ALPs into the A24 the lure often squirts out and lands on the trigger. Wiping excess off before inserting the ALP and even after inserting (prior to gassing the trap) can help mitigate this during installation. However, I have found when servicing traps that it is not uncommon for lure to harden and congeal on the trigger. I don’t have proof, but I suspect this contributes to the gas often being lost without many strikes recorded. As a result I have been toying around with a screen to fit in the ALPs mouth that splits the lure around the trigger. My first attempt is use the Goodnature screens out of the old lure bottles (pre-ALP) with a small rectangular plastic inserted inside it to block a cm wide area across the mouth of the ALP. I’ve not tried in the field yet but at home this seemed to avoid the lure dropping directly on the trigger and the ALP was still able to dispense the lure. Anyone else experimented with this? The ALPs have other problems (ie. I’ve only ever had around 50% of the lure dispensed before the ALPs stop working) but if perservering with them this seems to be an issue that is worth addressing.

I’ve never had that problem. Have you e-mailed Goodnature about it?

A minor problem I have with my A24’s, is that mice can eat the vast majority of the exposed lure without triggering the trap. I think that a screen of 6.25mm “vermin-proof” metal mesh blocking access to the ALP should solve the problem.

I hope that your experiment works. If so, please write a follow-up that includes photos.

No I want to test the approach first and sound out other to ensue I’m not designing something for a problem that does not exist. I’ve lost quite a few gas canisters when reluring because of this issue even after careful removal of excess. It could be an easy fix in the manufacture of the ALPs to have a splitter in the mouth, so long as it does not get in the way of getting the lure in the pouch. Yep I’m sure mice get their fair share of free lure, although I tend to find heaps underneath the trap that no animal is that interested in. I’ll post any follow-up.

I have also suspected that dripping lure sometimes triggers the A24 - this is especially likely when the temperatures rise and the lure becomes more liquid.