Ability to edit 'species caught' list

Is it please possible to be able to edit the species caught list to show only the species that are found within our trapping project? It is frustrating scrolling a long list when dealing with a large number of traps/catches for things such as weka, pigs, turkeys, canadian geese etc when we do not have these within our area or are not even possibly able to be caught by our traps.
It would be good to have the ability to edit the species caught list similar to the way you can edit the bait used for your specific project.

Kia ora @esquire This is currently possible using the app, when you open an installation to record a catch there is a cog beside the word species, if you select this, the options of species will open. Select the “favourites” these will now be the options displayed when recording a catch, and if you need to add a different choice you can go back in at any time to add it by simply tapping the cog

Can this be added as a feature for the desktop app?

Usually when members are updating via the website they choose to bulk upload so apply filters that can be changed for the catches, I have pasted the link to the help doc. This may help you Adding installation re... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides

I agree with this request - I was just about to ask it myself! I hear your answer/suggestion Lenore but it doesn’t quite meet my needs. I enter a lot of data in the bulk uploads but don’t use the Species Caught field at the top because otherwise it would fill in ALL the traps with a “rat” or whatever.
So I would also like to be able to edit the list of species - basically so that 'Rat" was nearer to the top so that I don’t have to scroll down the list to find rats. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you are entering a lot of data ie. a lot of rats it is more time-consuming. Thanks :slight_smile:

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