Ability to load a trap under multiple projects - primary and secondary

We have a community PF project in west Auckland and this community is a member of a larger PF framework across NW Auckland (call it a community network). We currently report results at a community level which is the most important factor. We would also like to report at a network level from within TrapNZ. Would it be possible to add “secondary project” to the new trap setup and then have the ability to log in to TrapNZ with the secondary network login and report on all traps with the secondary network recorded?

We see this an increasing need as community groups come together to expand the range and breadth of their PF activities, but are not yet at a point of “ditching” the original TrapNZ project for a new initiative set up on TrapNZ. Often funding requests can come from a community and/or network level and the two levels of recording/reporting would assist greatly in fund applications, plus community and stakeholder engagements.

Aggregating multiple projects into regional projects is a great idea!