Ability to set a zoom level other than entire project

It would be a real time-saver if it was possible to customise the default zoom level for map based interactions. The current behavior is zoomed out to include the whole project, but there may be seasonal blitz’s where all work is focused in a particular corner of the project or members may have their own areas to take care off.
in order of preference I suggest an option to:

  • allow each member to set a detailed area of focus.
  • allow the project administrator to set a detailed area of focus for the project.

Kia ora,

Thanks for your suggestion. We’re reviewing the usability of Trap.NZ at the moment, and have added this to our list of things to chat about.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

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Is this in relation to the App of the Web?

The next release of the App will persist the users previous zoom level. The default when you first open a project will be to zoom to the project extents, after that it will default to your last know zoom level.


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I was thinking of the web version. I guess with ArcGIS users would need to draw another polygon that becomes the fit area for default zoom. Some maps zoom to an area defined with a mouse clicks while holding shift, even that would be a good step fwd.

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Yes, I would love this. As one of my TrapNZ Project covers over a very large area but I am often adding/editing devices in only a portion, I spend a lot of my time zooming back into the area each time after it takes me back to the whole project view. Could it not just stay zoomed into where I am editing etc.? Thanks

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