Accidently deleted some catch data

I’ve inadvertently deleted some of my catch data when updating my records. Is there any way to recover this?
I realized straight away, so am yet to sync my phone/app to update any changes. On the app, I can still see my catches and what traps they were. Is there any way to get these records off the app, as when I click on “project log” on the app, I can’t get any detail as to what species etc.

Oh dear,

If you are on version 5 of the app you should have an ‘Export Logs’ button. Please use that to save the records to file. Those are then safe and we have a recovery option. You can send that to and explain the situation.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Andy.
I think I’ve got it sorted. I know how many catches I’ve had, so I had a good look at my map, and could remember what I’ve caught, especially the mustelids. So I’ve just re-entered them all from memory (using my records that weren’t deleted to help). I’ve had to re-enter 11, and think I’ve got it right.

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