Add a rostering function

Given that the Trap NZ database carries a full set of trappers and their contact details, it would be nice to implement the roster here too. That way the site can send out an automated reminder by email or text 7 days ahead.

Probably would need an admin defined message, as I would like to include “if you cannot do your roster, please contact the team at <these email addresses/phone numbers> to see if someone can fill in your slot for you.”

Roster would have date, name and trap line/monitor line, etc. Probably best to have it manually filled instead of automatically generated. Perhaps also highlighting unfilled weekends/weeks.

There should be no relation between the rostered person and the person that actually checks the traps. May be the same, could be different.

Has this been request for a rostering function been progressed ?
What alternative rostering systems are used ?

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Bumping this topic since it has not been responded to.
This suggestion was something that was raised recently during a new project setup by a new trapper and I agreed rostering administration would be better within TrapNZ.

It would be good to have it in the TrapNZ database so trappers have a one-stop location for project information (most of the local projects are currently using Google Sheets to do their rosters).
Also would be to have notifications for trappers to remind them when they are rostered.
Also, it should make it easy for rostered trappers/administrators to see when the trapline was last checked before heading out to do their rostered trapline run.