Add ability to output CSV files to ebird app

DOC currently use the ebird app for logging bird records. This is very full-featured, but is quite overwhelming and hard for the average person to use, and obviously it doesn’t do any pest control logging. As a lot of us are using Trap.NZ for doing 5 minute bird counts, and as DOC won’t move away from ebird, it would be good to have the ability for Trap.NZ bird records to be put into ebird so that DOC can access our citizen science to improve its understanding of bird populations in NZ.

The ebird app and data don’t have any api’s that can import/export data (see below). However, ebird does have the capability to import data via CSV. It may be worth talking to DOC to see if they’d like to get (and pay for) the ability for Trap.NZ to output CSV’s in the specific format needed for ebird, so that they could take data dumps out of community projects using Trap.NZ and put it into ebird.

The information below is an email from ebird.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. eBird does not currently have plans to support API functions that receive data from external sources. We do have a web-based import tool for uploading spreadsheet data in bulk. Learn more about data uploads here:
​We are always working to make eBird better and appreciate comments like yours. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you!
Jenna Curtis
eBird Project Leader
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Kia ora,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve passed on your suggestion to the dev team, and will let you know here if we get anywhere with it :slight_smile:

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