Add Bird Nest Monitoring Feature

Can we have a feature to monitor bird nests to monitor the following:

Bird nest location (A bit like a trap location, but instead of retiring the term might be hatched)
Terrain - grass, dirt, shell bank, tree, shrub, river bed, sand,
Date nest found
Number of eggs
Number of eggs predated/missing and if known, what the predator/interference was.
Number of eggs hatched with date. Could be 1 hatch today and 2 tomorrow from the same nest.
Possibly number of chicks fledged but this can be difficult to associate with a specific nest, so not sure this would work.
Notes eg is the nest physically protected (I’ve put a 1m x 1m mesh screen over the nest to protect from aerial predation.

Add visibility/reporting of above data.

The objective is to be able to track success rates of nesting birds and gather data on what is happening so we can try to improve the number of birds fledging from each nest. It would also track any movements in nesting locations to look for patterns.

Yes, please! I was actually about to make a similar request!
We would like to use this for Dotterel monitoring, but also for our newly installed penguin nesting boxes. Thank you!

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Tracking dotterel nests is my main reason for requesting this too.