Add Flipping Timmy possum trap

Could we please have the Flipping Timmy possum trap added as an option please (as distinct from the Timms)? The Flipping Timmy is tree mounted and has a different mechanism so it would be good to distinguish them. We are using Flipping Timmys in our bush area and they’ve been quite successful so would like to record this. Thanks!

Do you have any tips you could share for what works best in terms of lure and setup? Below is my latest experience with apple. Close, but no cigar!!Aj4ApxVvxSui8HH8wqTt9b2tdptG?e=Z5pdzB

I’ve started smearing half an apple skin side down with peanut butter. Caught 5 in the same trap this week. My experience is that possums prefer to climb narrower trees than in your video also.
PS what model trail cam is that?

I think when you catch 1 or 2 possums in a trap the scent will lure more possums in.
Our possums haven’t shown any interest in peanut butter (or baits). That tr was chosen as it is one that possums are frequently climbing. I tried a smaller one next to it, but they didn’t climb it at all. It did look a but cumbersome for it in the video.
That camera is a Jaycar 1080 that I leave there on a solar panel as its a possum hot spot. I think the brand is actually Nextech or something. You can get similar ones cheaper on Amazon though.
I shoot most possums, but I’m always down to the last one, so timing is everything. I never know when the next one will show up, but I may have more success with a cage trap.

My traps went quiet for 6 months from March till October then I made up a paste of flour, icing sugar and custard powder and the possums started going nuts over it. I smear it on the tree below the trap so it’s quite visible. The vanilla smell from the custard powder is quite strong. 2 nights in a row possums found my container I was storing the left over mixture in, smashed the plastic lid and ate all the lure mixture!

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We use aniseed paste from Traps NZ Online and put three dots of it on the tree leading up to the trap (which they can taste as they climb up the tree!), and then smear the white tag inside with the paste, getting it on the top side of the tag as well so that the possum definitely bites at the white tag rather than just licking it. The paste is longer lasting which works well if you’re only able to check your traps every couple of weeks like us.

As someone has suggested already, a tree of about 150-200mm diameter appears to be a good sized, nice climbing tree for a possum although your trail cam suggests otherwise! We also have a cage trap, and have also had great success with Warrior traps - they aren’t as easy to set and not our preference in public areas though. Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips - so many recipes that people swear by :slight_smile: Good to have options. Do ants like the aniseed paste?

I just use that tree because possums love it and it’s covered in possum scent. It also has 3-4cm cracks in the bark making it easy for them to climb. I did try a smaller tree next to it, but no takers.

I’ve never tried warrior traps. I have reset the Timms traps for tonight, but I think cage or rifle would be the easiest way to dispatch this one. He has a near miss from the Timms trap, so he may not enter any Timms trap again with the same lure. We’ll see.

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Good luck! Have never had ants with the aniseed paste - so far anyway