Add Myna Birds as a Pest


Can you please get Myna birds added a pest, they are a common pest in most parts of the North Island.


Sparrows & Starlings as well

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Any progress on this?

Our group is looking for a way to record pest birds as opposed to others, I see Magpies is already an option but not Myna Birds.


Hate those Bandit birds, I see them chasing Tui’s all the time.

I have heard these haven’t reached any further south than the Waikato, but I suspect that will change with global warming.

I see Auckland Council list them as pests

Impact on environment
Outcompetes native birds for food, territory and nesting cavities, may attack other bird’s nests. Can eat native fruit without dispersing seed and preys on vulnerable invertebrates. May transmit parasites and diseases to humans and other animals.

Yes please add them Mr or Mrs


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Hi there

We’ve added Mynas to the list. We won’t add sparrows and starlings just yet as this makes for a very long list. We will be modifying things so that project admins can set the species list themselves.