Add project stats to map feeds

At the moment the map feeds provide a lot of data around individual traps but as far as I can see no summary data.

It would be great if the map feeds also included the summary data shown on the project page of the website. Here’s the data we’d like to see in the summary:

The “trapnz-projects:my-projects” typeName could be extended to include the stats above.

Adding this feature would allow other services and websites to easily extract the current stats for a project.

It does have a JSON feed if that helps

We use the total kills on our home page from this feed, just change the project number to yours.


And can it include the total bait take, for projects where the emphasis is on baiting not trapping?

What’s a JSON feed? Are there others that summarise bait data, preferable pulsed, please?

That does help, thanks Gary!

That JSON endpoint should be added to the documentation as I imagine it’s what a lot of people are looking for.