Add secondary sensor to a trap

We have added two remote reporting sensor nodes to our DOC200 trap boxes (one for each trap in the box). Can trapnz please kindly add a secondary sensor option to DOC200s so we can add the second senor to each trap box?

You might have to create a and b traps for each box to get two sensors for each box as a work around. But this is probably going to become a common request requirement going forward, so being able to add more than one sensor to each trap would be good.
Having the 2 plates in the box attached to the one sensor (so it alerts when 1 or both become sprung) sounds a lot cheaper to me than 2 sensors. But I guess you have a reason for your project.

At the moment Trap.NZ isn’t able to support two sensors on one trap + supplementary trap installation. It is in our medium-long term plan to rebuild the double/supplementary trap functionality to better support use cases such as this. But for now, the way around this is to create two individual traps in the same location, and give each trap its own sensor.

It is easiest to create a colocated installation on the app:

  1. Tap on the current double trap from your project map
  2. ​Tap on ‘Installation details’
  3. ​Tap on ‘Add colocated installation’
  4. From here you can add a new installation at the same location as the original trap.

If you want to do this on the website, you will need to copy and paste the longitude and latitude coordinates from the original trap, and paste them into the ‘Manual coordinates’ field when you’re setting up the second trap.