Add Trap Status "UNSET"

I have been leaving trap unset but putting in lure to try and catch a clever possum - I want to be able to see when lure is going even when unset - so Making trap condition “disabled” doesn’t allow me to log a “relured” trap condition .
Please add an “Unset” option

Kia ora @faith there is currently a “disabled” trap condition that would work for you

As I said above disabled doesn’t work for me as I want to record my relures so use relured under trap condition so I can quickly see when a relure was required - I.E when the bait went missing both when the trap is set and unset.

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Yes this would be helpful please. What I do for now is make a note in records.

If you like the idea, please push the vote button up the top - apparently that’s how an idea gets attention :grin:
I do as you and make notes, but it is so much easier to have a quick look at the list to see what’s happening - especially with several sites being actively targeted for attention

I cannot see the “disabled” option in my list, any advice on where this is?
I would also like an unset or disabled status which bait can be recorded against when targeting tricky animals, or when leaving live cages deactivated but still in the field. Have given an upvote.

@amy.waldmann if you are using the phone app, you can select disabled from the catch records form in the “condition” field if you are adding via the website he is the link to changing the record to disabled Changing the trap cond... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides

Brilliant, thank you. I was looking under the status rather than condition. Works well for me now.