Adding an email address for a live trap to get notifications

probably been asked before
but how do you add en email address for a live trap,for getting alerts
(i currently get the alert myself)
does that person just need to join trap nz, get added to the project, then find the live trap, and then tick to get alerts?

If the trap is a live capture trap (is a cage or smart cage and has sensors set), they will get a variation of this message.

notifications 2.png

All managers and admins (anyone who can add a trap record or edit the installation) are shown to be notified . We only show the first three and the user can expand to see the rest
If the trap has sensors then admins will now be able to see who is getting notifications and uncheck / check them.

If a trap is saved or added and it is a live capture cage (cage with sensors) then we will automatically subscribe whoever made the change to the trap if there is no one assigned yet

I only see the number of tappers receiving notifications
I don’t see the ability to assign users
does that mean i dont have enough admin rights?

i am only advanced trapper
so I need to be manager?
who can change that for me?
(so that I can edit who get alert emails for each trap…I have been asked to be the adminstrator for our project, Awhitu North
Brian Hamilton

Hi Brian,

Yes you will need to be a manager or admin. I’ll talk to off line about it.