Adding bait data when out of date order

Some bait data has turned up that needs entering, but it is out of date order. Several months have passed since, with data entered for those months.
The missed data is one pulse, so 4 visits of about 10 stations.

If we enter these data now, can we ask the system to recalculate the amount eaten at each visit since? Or do we need to do it ourselves ie edit all subsequent records?

Hi Jo,

The Bait Taken report will recalculate if you enter historical data. Also note that if you have a lot of records to enter you might find it quicker to fill out a spreadsheet to upload as a CSV at You can download a template to fill out here:



Thanks Scott

I thought it did too, then read somewhere here that it didn’t (well, that was my take on it), and found that to be so. Perhaps it was when I edited a record, rather than simply enter it out of order. I’ll try again and check it better.

I’ve wondered about using a spreadsheet, but so far not tried it. Our folks who choose not to use TRAP.NZ do use our customised spreadsheet, but it has all 4 visits across a line, with just one line for 4 visits in a pulse for each installation. I’d need to copy & paste. But yes, I understand it is possible, thank you.


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I have an example today of a Total in a report where it does not seem to have recalculated bait take after I’ve edited the records.
I am expecting the amount added to a station to equal the sum or the amount removed and the amount eaten (providing the stations were empty at the start of the period, & that’s not so easy to check).
In the sample below, the totals do not cross-check like that.