Adding Bait Station Nid to Bait Station Log Report


We have created our own report with Powershell and use the export csv files to do this.

Our monthly email with the trappers total captures is working well, but we wait to add bait stations fill ups to this email.

I noticed that the “Bait Station Records Report” doesn’t include the NID number for the bait station.

Unlike the the trap records report which does:-

line : Concordia Reserve
trap nid : 4364621
code : T01
trap type : Flipping Timmy

This gives us a unique code to search the logs from the bait station report, we can use the Bait Station name. As many trappers have used the same name, hence the need to have a the NID code for Bait stations logs.

Hope that makes sense…Gary

It also would be helpful if days of attendance could be logged as a self monitoring tool. e.g dish / day (D) D 4-7. Or toxin D7 full or empty e.g unit 1: D7f 2:D 1-6eD7f

them using cyanide on day7 recording of captures, bait take and if poison was still available. P: possum e.g unit1: indentified by the gps waypoint, D1-6eD7fP5