Adding historical pest counts for a project

Hi i would like to ask if there is any way of adding historical kill counts to trap nz. We have an accumulative count from the start of the project prior to using this software. Also is there a way of adding pests like Goats and Pigs we have shot?

Kind regards


Hi Jon

You can add past records via the “Import records” option on the Traps page. Past records will need to be associated with a Trap. If you don’t have individual records you can use the “Strikes” field to record the cumulative count.

We are in the process of adding an Ad hoc catch function.

Thanks, just wondering if the ad hoc function will give us an option for adding what we shoot.
All we have is a total count for different species, historical, handwritten. Is there an easier way to add these figures to our project. We require this for funding purposes, this is reliant on being able to see the progress over the past few years.