Adding monitoring records to cameras on website?

Is there an issue with adding records to cameras on TrapNZ? I can add records to cameras on the app, but there is only the option to add images to cameras on the website. See screenshot below.


kia ora @emma.whitton you usually can, I will pass this on to the developers to have a look at.

Thanks Lenore. I’ll recommend to volunteers to use the app until the website can be fixed, however it can be challenging for some due to the small phone screen.

If you have uploaded an image on the website you can select the record and “edit” it adding species and notes if that helps

I had the same issue! Good to know it doesn’t work on the website.

From my own testing I found that even though camera images can contain monitoring/classification data, ‘Monitoring records’ and ‘Camera images’ are separate things in

Having said that, the monitoring reports with ‘Monthly totals’ in the name do combine data from Monitoring records and Camera images that have been flagged and show the totals. All the other reports are looking at Monitoring records only.

To add a Monitoring record, you have to enter a start and an end date, and while you can select multiple ‘Monitoring species’ on a single Monitoring record, each species is only counted as 1 sighting in the Monthly totals reporting. From a monitoring standpoint I don’t see how this makes sense? It feels like it was originally designed to log details for trapping, at least this is my perception as a non-expert/inexperienced new user.

Overall I can’t see the point of using Monitoring records at all if you are monitoring with cameras/camera images? Better to just tag and review the camera images, and analyse that data and that data only.

(But if you want to use the report for ‘Date last checked’ for example, you need a Monitoring record – it won’t look at the last camera image date).

Thanks Lenore!

I will let the team the know about this work-around.

Ngā mihi,