Adding new Baitstations

Hi there, i have 168 baitstations to add! At the moment they are loaded into a Garmin 64x GPS unit. Is there an easy way to load them into here?


Hi Gemma

If you are a project admin you can use the “Import baitstations” option. That page has details of the format required for import.

Hiya iv tried adding all the long/lats into the excel spreadsheet, but when I go to upload it comes up saying ‘ there are no new nodes’ . I am able to upload them one at a time but that would be pretty arduous. What am I doing wrong?

Check your column headers. A node name for a baitstation should have a column header called “station”. Read the import screen section in blue and make sure all your column headers (on the first line of the import) are all spelled correctly. Also, many items in imports are case sensitive - where the options of a column (such as target species) have fixed values, make sure you copy the capitilisation of the given examples.
Lastly, make sure you specify the correct delimiter for what you actually have in your file (open it in notepad or word, not excel).