Addition kills in trap

How do you add additional kills in a trap for example I have a stout and a hedgehog but I can only enter one? Any way around adding in a different species in the same trap?

Kia ora @hemmings you add it as a seperate catch. Are you adding it via the website, phone app or csv file? If a csv file you need to put the code of the trap twice with the two seperate catches, if the other two options, just select the trap twice and “add catch”

at the moment I have the catch from when I went out on 29 Feb, but wasn’t sure how to add additional catch at the time, so now am doing off the website. So I go into the trap details and just add a new one again, is this the same on the phone app as well? Or off the website do I go to add catches and pop it in but then where do I apply it to as I don’t think it was showing the specific trap when I went to have a look. Thank you.

You can edit the date in either ways of adding a catch to ensure it shows correctly, on the website click on the trap itself to only add a record to that one, and in the phone app click on the trap and click on the date to change it. If you go into the add catches for one catch, on the website you’ll end up having to untick a lot of boxes