Additional information needed for waypoints

Two useful fields that are currently lacking from the stored waypoint data are elevation and symbol.
A waypoint’s elevation is useful in trying to tease out information about catches/bait uptake/monitoring results as it relates to elevation. GPSs and phones capture elevation data and record it in GPX files, but then it’s lost when uploading to
Projects that have multiple types of devices often want to use different symbols on GPSs for the various devices. (In ‘interesting’ terrain, GPS devices way outperform smartphones and are de rigueur H&S items.) It would be a good feature for to support symbol selection as part of a device’s creation. For example, each “Trap Type” could have an associated default symbol with a simple interface for users to change that default. Any new devices are given the default symbol for their Trap Type when created. Users would have the ability to modify the symbol for any given device as well.