Additional Project Categories

Can we have more project categories please? I want to include such things as botanical signs, benches and Weta hotels that we have in our reserve, so I know where they’re located. This is for my benefit as administrator rather than for users. At the moment I’ve got them listed under monitoring as there’s no other way to include them. It clutters up the monitoring map with all the extra icons.

Hi @Christine

We’ve granted your wish - there is a new “Point of Interest” feature category that is set up for this purpose and for things like hazards, signs, etc.

Under your project categories, POI type, you can add your own things like benches, signs, etc.

We still have a bit of work to do - you can’t view or add POIs via the app just yet, but that is coming.

You may like Weta Hotels as a monitoring station though - then record and report on whether wetas are present or not.


Thank you so much. I look forward to being able to use the App in the future.

Hi Dan,
Is there a way of copying the information of the existing locations and photos etc of the benches, botanical signs etc to the new POIs from Monitoring? I tried to copy the coordinates into the data box but that didn’t work. A blank map with no points of reference such as traps, bait stations and lines etc makes it impossible for me to add a POI. Are you able to add a manual coordinates field box please?

Hi Dan,

I’ve managed to add several POI, that I can manage to locate on the map, but the Important vegetation, plus signage, and some structures do not show up on the list of POI. The 2nd page is the same as the first. I can find them under Manage POI.