Adjusted features for Organisations

I’m finding the “Organisation” function a bit clunky. Currently, to gather all the relevant groups into your organisation, you must become an admin in each group you wish to join your organisation. It’s a big ask, as having an admin role gives you access to everything. It’s also quite onerous having to do this. There needs to be a much simpler “opt in” to an organisation. The need to be an admin within each group should not be necessary. An organisation only wants the ability to run reports across all the groups to show landscape scale results. Could this not be an opt into the organisation, which gives that organisation the ability to run regional reporting?

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I’ve just set up an Org and done all this for my work account.
I don’t find the admin status intimidating at all, but you could get an admin-specific email like and set up a matching TrapNZ account just to handle the scary bits if you want and your current account can be lower privilege.

I agree that it would be useful to have another layer of permission that allows for running reports of individual projects without the necessity to have admin access. Of course those individual projects would need to give permission for this which could be as simple as saying that this person or umbrella org can have access to the reporting function.

The organisation function may work for some projects but it is not necessary for many. We are wanting to do a landscape scale project that reports on the breadth of the number of projects working within our area. We have no need to be admin on the individual projects and in fact, that could require a lot of unnecessary liaison and potentially entail Memorandums of Understanding. It would be great to only have access to be able to run reports for collective reporting. Perhaps this is another function or members level that could be added.

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