Adjustments to Trap.NZ summary data sharing

Thank you to those who provided feedback regarding the sharing of data.

Most of you were comfortable with sharing data at 50m x 50m grid level. However, there was a concern that it may still be relatively easy to locate traps, especially on rural and reserve projects where the track or path the traps lie along on could be identified on the map.

We have to take this seriously as there have been many reports of traps and bait stations being stolen or interfered with.

For this reason, we have changed the summary resolution to be 200m x 200m (4 hectares) and we will investigate options for making this resolution selectable on a project by project basis.

To clarify:

  • The information that is intended to be shared is trap, bait station, and monitoring data that can be summarised in a 200m x 200m grid. This will include totals of the types of traps or stations, counts of species caught or detected, strike counts, and baits used.

  • Detailed information such as trap names, notes, photos and “recorded by” fields will not be shared. Likewise, member names, addresses, and any other member profile information will not be shared. This is private to your project.

  • You have the choice as to whether your project’s data is shared or not. After selecting your project in Trap.NZ, please click on the Edit tab and review the two checkboxes under the Project name. We encourage you to tick both boxes as this will enable your project to contribute to the national data set. Click save at the bottom of the page when done.