Air rifle possum

Am I able to add random possum to my count that I have shot with my air rifle

Not yet sorry - but we are planning to add an ad-hoc kills function.

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Great, how about “run over in driveway”…I have two kills

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I just created a trap called RIFLE and I add my shot possums to that with a lead bait :smiley:


Good idea - me too.
I’ve got an air rifle trap and a domestic cat trap.
My cat brings in 2 rats a night for a month, but my traps only caught 2 rats total in the same period.

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has this ad-hoc kill function been added?
Im after one for gun and one for dog !

Kia ora,

Unfortunately this is still in our backlog! I’ve made a note to post here when we are able to start working on it. Meanwhile, Camthelegend’s idea above - to create a trap called “gun” or “cat” or “dog”, and record kills on that, seems like a clever workaround!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

I register a new trap - unidentified - air rifle, then logged my kills under that.

Why should you not record your air rifle as a trap and then record kill? I’d consider any deliberate kill of a target species within your Project worth recording. The accumulated records should then indicate whether or not shooting is an efficient tool in your situation.