Allow Advanced Trappers to see all installations when using the Phone App to aid navigation

Kia ora! Please could ‘Advanced Trappers’ be able to see ALL installations when using the phone app? There are lots of times when the positions of traps are used for navigating around our projects (e.g. “turn left at trap number A07”). They don’t need to be able to edit everything, but it sure would make life easier if they could see everything. Thanks.

Kia ora,

There are some security concerns about doing that given many projects don’t expect / want their users to see non-assigned installations in the field (theft, potential vandalism etc.)

It might be that we need a flag or another ‘role’ that allows this.

The recommended approach is:

Does that help?

We’re interested in opinions on this one as it does come up regularly.


I would like to have the Advanced Trapper to be able to see all trap installations but option to choose not to see some installations like monitoring sites. So, I think assigning lines would be best as then I can assign a trapline and not the monitoring line. But if we add another trap to a trapline the advanced trapper can see the new trap without needing to be assigned it as it still part of the trapline he/she is assigned to.

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I have also stumbled across this problem, and the difference of what the web site vs the app was showing was quite confusing to me.

In my case, I am involved with a project that is expanding and adding a lot of new traps. The current process of adding a new trap and then assigning it to each trapper is quite complicated. It would be great if the assignment was automatic, at the point of adding the new trap.

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