Allow Historical Bird Count Numbers to be Typed

It’s very tedious entering large bird count numbers. Eg entering 150 spoonbills requires pressing the button 150 times. And then there are the 1000 black swans when I didn’t enter.

Can we have the ability to type a number in - especially for historical counts?

A quicker short-term solution might be to import historical bird counts using the CSV importer:

You can make a CSV file by creating a spreadsheet in Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets etc. and the importer has a template which you can download with all the columns already set up - though it includes every species in the system which makes it a bit unwieldy. You don’t need columns for species you aren’t counting.

Hi Scott - thanks for the suggestion. I just use the historical count functionality to avoid the 5 min countdown clock. I’m mainly tracking the NZ Dotterel and there are no more than 8 each time, so I don’t need 5 mins to count them and I don’t think it likes the screen being turned off while the countdown is still running. I just want to enter the count while I’m standing on the beach and move on to my next task.