Allow multiple baits to be recorded against a trap

“It still isn’t possible to list multiple bait types for a single trap. We often use cocktails (Erayze, long-life lures, golf or ping pong balls, walnut) with our DOC 200s, but only one can be listed in the trap details. With our A12s we use both Goodnature possum lure and a flour/icing sugar/aromatic oil mix. Would be great if we could select multiple baits from the menu.”

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And there is the double trap rat / mouse tunnel with an egg, peanut butter and entrails of bunny… (my bump to keep this alive)

Yes can we please have this added into TrapNZ? Multiple lures for each trap would save so much time! When reviewing data currently, if we can only select one lure, we don’t actually know which lure combination has had optimum results. It can be frustrating for trappers, when they have to input every single lure type into notes knowing that this information cannot be refined later and it also takes longer to do it this way. Simply creating multiple lures for each trap would save so much time and actually be useful information!