Analysis of TrapNZ data

Has there been any analysis of the TrapNZ dataset? For example, most used trap/lure/bait perhaps by region; or most effective trap/bait/lure by region etc. I appreciate there will be large number of caveats around the conclusions as the data collection and trapping approach will be inconsistent across users, but it still might be very interesting. Maybe you have already published this sort of analysis and I have missed it. I am sure it would be very interesting.

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I would be interested in knowing about this too. John at Pest Free Banks Peninsula.

Thanks John, I appreciate your support. I have been wondering whether I need to send this idea to another section of the site, it would be good to have a response from the administrators of the app/site, even if the answer is “we don’t have the resources to do this” :slight_smile:

Hi Dan – These articles that I wrote may be of interest to you. They are based on analysis of our TrapNZ data. I’ll be looking at other datasets in the future as well.

Does neighbourhood trapping work?

Improving the world for birds.

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Thanks Sam, I will have a read and post a response here. Good stuff!

Hi @DanBush,

Would you mind making this a feature request? I think it will get a lot of support and more traction as a feature request.


Thanks Andy, will do.

Hi Sam, in fact I had read you articles! I can see you are very well qualified to make this type of analysis. The question is whether you would be willing to get involved? My coding skills are about 30 years out of date and I’m afraid and I tend to use Excel for my own data. Pivot tables are about my limit. I agree the data format is a bit of challenge.

I believe your dataset was limited to your home group. It would be interesting to consider the dimensions of an analysis on a complete dataset and understand what people would find practically useful. There are no doubt questions about confidentiality etc. too. I think the next step is to see how much buy-in there is from TrapNZ administrators. It may or may not be possible.

A few comments on your findings. I would 100% endorse the use of trail cameras. Until recently I had been trapping/baiting blind. Having installed a camera I now have a much better idea of what is happening, and in particular I have discovered a large population of possums that completely avoid my Timms traps (in fact they sit on the top of them and do a dance!!) I was completely unaware of this and was wasting my time putting out pindone (for the rats) which was being eaten by the possums with apparently no ill-effects. I have since tactically deployed leg hold traps which have proved very effective on this residual population. I have also discovered the presence of feral cats (which I was completely unaware of) and the penchant of blackbirds for pindone.

For context: I have been intensively trapping on my section for just over two years. I have about 50 traps over 11 acres (steep bush), and check/rebait the traps everyday. I have three automatic traps. Aside from other pests, I have trapped about 500 rats (almost all Ratus Ratus) and killed an additional (unknown) number using pindone.

From June to December I go for several weeks with no daily catches, then I get a spike of catches over several days. I assume this is due to re-invasion. What stimulates these re-invasions is a bit of a mystery, but I think it relates to weather and/or light levels at night. I will leave that to the experts to resolve. My rat catches peak between Jan and May for the last two years. I am not sure this is reflected in your results, so I imagine there are strong variations by site.

I would be happy to give you access to my data or send you a few graphs for your interest.

Hi Dan – I like your suggestion and thanks for the description of your ideas. Please send me your email (to my email) so we can talk more easily. There are several people who would be interested in a wider analysis, so I could put together a group for initial discussion. My email is

@DanBush, @Sam_McClatchie - would you mind including the dev team in this so any learnings and consequent tools can be shared with the whole trapping community.

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Yeah the rest of us would like to hear of any learnings too. :slight_smile: