Android app doesn't include Bait Removed when value entered by keyboard instead of slider

Phone: Samsung S20
Android version: 12
Kernel: 4.19.87-24107789 (Thu July 21 2022)
App version: 5.0.4 (cache cleared, new install)

Current Behaviour

When using the keyboard to record bait station data, the Bait Removed field value is not taken into account, so the calculation for the updated bait is incorrect:

  • New bait amount = Bait Remaining + Bait Added (incorrect)
    Trap.NZ - BaitRemoved not applied when entered via keyboard

Expected Behaviour

The experience when using the keyboard to enter field values should match that when using the slider, where the app correctly applies the formula to calculate the amount of bait in the station:

  • New bait amount = Bait Remaining - Bait Removed + Bait Added
    Trap.NZ - BaitRemoved applied when using slider

Steps to reproduce

  1. On the android app, select a bait station to record an update
  2. Tap the field that lists the weight for the Bait Remaining and type a value on the keyboard (e.g. 84)
  3. Tap the field for Bait Removed and type a value on the keyboard (e.g. 56)
  4. For Bait Added, either use the slider or type a value for adding replacement bait (e.g. 84)
  5. The bait station value should be updated to show: <Remaining (84g) - Removed (56g) + Added (84g)> = 112g
  6. Instead, the bait station value incorrectly displays: <Remaining (84g) + Added (84g)> = 168g

If you are aware of this issue, the workaround is simply to use the slider to specify the values, however that’s obviously not ideal if you’re not aware of the issue and are assuming the Bait Removed value is being correctly accounted for.

@iainf We’re looking into this for you

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Has there been any update on this? I have some general issues with this page of the app.

As a volunteer trapper, we only do two things; add fresh bait and remove stale bait and there is a slider for each of those processes. But there is a third slider; Bait Remaining. What is this for? Why is there not simply a non-editable field showing the cumulative difference between bait added and bait removed which equates to the total bait taken by rodents?

Hey Alistair - here’s an example of how I see the Bait Remaining field being used - hopefully this helps understand why a separate field can sometimes be necessary.

Consider the scenario where a bait station starts with 4 x 25g blocks = 100g of bait in total. On the next inspection, the trapper finds pests have consumed just 10g in total across the 4 blocks.

They could reasonably decide to leave the remaining bait as-is, without adding any new bait or removing the partially consumed blocks. So both Bait Added=0g and Bait Removed=0g - which means the trapper needs a way to explicitly record Bait Remaining=90g.

Gotcha, thanks for the reply and I now understand the scenario. We are “pulse” baiting and I was under the impression that at the end of the month we remove all the remaining bait, in which case the 3rd slider would not be used. But this is my first time doing it so will have to check upstairs if we do in fact remove all the remaining bait or we leave it in the stations.

Yeah, we’re the same and pull in all remaining bait at the end of the pulse period.

If you use the app and record, e.g. “Bait Remaining = 50g”, then the “Bait Removed” slider will not go further than 50g, since you’ve just indicated that’s all that was remaining in the bait station, so it’s the maximum amount you could bring in.

I’m not sure records entered via the web interface have the same level of error checking.

the latest version of the app (due to be released any day) has a fix for this

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