Android phone app not displaying traps, only map and project boundary

One of the trappers in our group reported to me that his Android phone app is no longer displaying traps, only map and project boundary. This is for one of the projects in our Pest Free Upper Hutt group. I have checked my iPhone app and everything is fine, so I was wondering if there is an issue with the Android app, or alternatively is there maybe an easy fix involving something in the setting on his phone that he might have inadvertently changed? Really hope its an easy fix Lenore!! Cheers, Tony

Kia ora @Tony_Chad can you send me through his details and the project name to and I can have a look to into it a bit deeper

Thanks Lenore, will do

The app release as well if possible please Tony. The open beta release has been problematic in this way.

Richard says:


I have tried the first few other options but not yet the Hard reboot or reloading the app.

Yes that confirms it is the known issue with the beta release. Two options:

  1. Use the Menu > Settings > Advanced > Hard Reset

  2. Jump off the open beta testing and back onto the production version (v6.0.18).

Assuming you’re on an Android phone, you can find the method of leaving the program here:

Note after choosing to leave, it can take a little while to propagate through the google systems, so give it some time before installing it again.

As a matter of interest, how many of our group end up with Beta versions? And were they advised of possible problems when they signed up for Beta? And were they required to come from a software engineering background?cheers, Tony

Richard says: Yes I followed those instructions and it now works! Thank you for sorting that out!!

I have been using the app since we lived in Lower Hutt, so not sure when/how I got onto the beta version.

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