Android - Unable to save trap stations

Hi All,

We are having a similar issue. Three of our group are using android phones. When they log traps they either disappear, log in the wrong place or both. They cannot always see other traplines around them.

I’ve checked the app settings and phone settings and there doesn’t seem to be anything that would inhibit the app from working correctly.

One of our users keeps getting this error report:

Record Failed

{“name”:“NetworkError”,“statu”:406,“response”:{“form_errors”:{ög":“You must select one or more groups for this content.”}},“line”:102,“column”:206,“sourceURL”:ï"}

Appreciate any advice or help.



PS: ive also made the same comment on the following forum link.

Unable to save trap record - save button not working - Issues and bugs - TRAP.NZ Forums

I have had similar issues and recently spent quite a lot of computer hours sorting it out .

There will be a new version of the app released in the next week or two, which should resolve this problem. Apologies for the hassle in the meantime!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Thanks Sarah. Look forward to trying it out.