Any luck with Erayz Paste

Hi everyone
I was wondering, has anyone had any luck with the erayz paste lure? I’ve been using it when I have no fresh rabbit but I haven’t caught any thing, but when I use the fresh rabbit I catch quite a few mustilids? Any other alternatives


I use the dried rabbit version of it i.e. the sheets of blocks. I’ve caught both rats and mustelids with that.

But people I know swear by fresh rabbit.

The other thing you could try is egg based mayonnaise. Quite a few mustelids getting caught with that.

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I’ve used it quite a bit, but I don’t think I’ve ever caught anything with it. The Erayz squares are slightly better, but also pretty ineffective unless you have no other options. A ferret screwed his nose up at it last week.
For me, fresh rabbit is worth the extra effort. Perhaps erayz would work ok in the double-ended cage if they’re curious, but I can’t remember the last time a mustelid went into a DOC traps for that.
I think it partly depends on what other food sources they have and how many mestelids are in the area.

I’m sure fresh rabbit is better but I’ve caught 2 mustelids and plenty of rats with the Erayz squares. I don’t have many of these traps. Only 4. I do have a real egg in there too though.