Anybody Considered Using TrapNZ for Water Based Pests?

I’m curious if anyone has considered using Trap NZ for pest fish catches?

I’ve started some community training on Freshwater Health Monitoring, and it’s crossed my mind there could be unwanted pest fish someone proactively traps.

I can’t imagine any issues other than needing the administrators to add new trap and species options?

This is the group providing the training: Mountains To Sea Wellington

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I actively catch pest fish (i.e. trout). Maybe I could forward you my fishing log :grinning:

Thanks, is that a way of saying you’re a fisherman or are you doing pest eradication :slight_smile:
If pest catching, why not use Trap NZ?


Morena I would be interested in trapping pest fish. We have the zambezi? Mosquito fish in some of our waterways. Hiw do we go about it?

Hi Donna, for fish you would probably get more response and knowledge from one of the relevant fish Facebook groups. You could try this group, if they don’t know they will likely know of a relevant group

Hi Grant.

I am in love with our native fish and I am a trout fisherman that considers trout as a pest fish so am quite happy to catch and kill.