App always logging me out!

I reckon it could save me and our volunteer team many moments of frustration, especially when already out in the bush, if the app just stayed logged-in on our phones! Is there something that I can do to stay logged in?

Hi Bexie,

We’ll take a look, walking to the top of the hill just to log in is tedious.

People have asked for integration with password management tools as well so there are a few potential improvement we could make.

Can you let me know what device you are using iOS/Android, make and model? If anyone else experiencing as well could let us know that would be appreciated.



I’m also a bit frustrated about having to re-log because the screen goes blank. This requires the need to log on to get access to the traps on the App on the Apple. Thanks Alex

Hi PetrelHeads,

There is a fix on the way for this one, going through testing now.


Keep an eye out for v3.1.10 of the app which fixes this issue. Currently in testing but through next week.