App and website errors?

Anyone having any issues with the App not syncing full details through in a sync, then you do it again and get a double up on the website.

And on the website, it said i’d caught a bird which i hadnt for a trap, so i changed it to none and it changed it to Unspecified, so i re-edited put in None but it just keeps Unspecified as the speices caught.

And for that trap up the top says ive caught 2 pests, yet in the list it only shows the “unspecified - which was none” and on the map only 1.

For your 2nd query - I had a play with a record and discovered that unless you also edit the “strike” filed to zero then it will default to “unspecified” as it still thinks you caught something. I personally think that if you change your species field to “none” the “strikes” field should also default to zero. You also have to remember that if you record a species as caught and then record independently a number for strikes it will count it as two kills (I think there is an explanation on the getting started notes to this effect). I fell into this trap when recording the counter strikes on our good nature traps as well as whether there was any animal below the trap resulting in mulitple kill records when I choose not to record counter strikes as a “kill”. I now keep a record of counter strikes in the “comments” field only.