App closing and trap logs being wiped

We are having a problem on several devices where the log data isn’t uploading automatically even when in network range. So, twice we have clicked the cloud symbol on the logs for a project to manually upload it but this always causes the app to crash. In one instance when we did this it crashed the app and cleared all the project logs from that day so none were ever uploaded. In other instances the app will just crash but the logs will stay there but never upload. Have tried to "synchronise project data’ but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

We are running the latest version (4.1.13) and have reinstalled several times. We also have auto sync ticked.

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Kia ora,

Thanks for getting in touch. This sounds like a nasty bug - can you please email me on with some more info so we can work out what’s going on?

  • screenshots of some of the failed records
  • project name

Ngā mihi,

Emailed :slight_smile:

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I uninstalled the app because it had put two false email addresses in my password manager. Using website URL in browser, no problems.